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What's New In MoversPay 12/8/2020 - News / Product News - Support

Dec 8 2020

What's New In MoversPay 12/8/2020

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We are pleased to announce the release of several recent enhancements to MoversPay. 

  • Edit Rated Lines: Users now have the ability to edit lines that have  been rated.  Clicking on the edit icon (the pencil) for any line will enable the MoversPay application to display the appropriate input selections and they are highlighted a light green. Users may enter changes and then click the "Edit & Rate" button to save the desired changes. The rating engine will recalculate the line automatically with the updated information.
  • Automated Mileage Calculations: MoversPay now calculates miles based on appropriate location data, such as Zip Codes or City, State as needed for the item code calculations.
  • Improved Help and Information: Now every item code and any associated input request field has a handy help icon to assist or clarify the data that is required for successful rating.  
  • In other news, a number of other bug fixes have been made to improve the application.
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